How to Use a Rowing Machine Effectively 2024

First published: 01/30/2017
Last updated: 07/04/2024

A rowing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that emulates the action of rowing for rowing training or for exercise. The rowing machine will help to strengthen your back and to prevent back ailments in later life. Rowing machines have been around for many years, but have only recently become so popular.

Using a rowing machine has many benefits. Most people think that it is just effective for toning arms, but in actual fact it is also hugely beneficial for the core muscle groups, thighs, bottoms and biceps. Therefore it gives your whole body a good workout and as it is a cardiovascular exercise it is a good calorie burner.

Anybody with a gym membership can use a rowing machine too because they are suitable for any fitness level and are a low impact exercise. So what are you waiting for?

Here is a quick guide which is like any advice gym instructors from top gyms would give, to how to use a rowing machine so that you can get started! But you may also wish to speak to a professional fitness instructor before getting on the equipment.

The Catch

The most important thing is to make sure you are sitting properly. Strap your feet in tight, concentrate on maintaining a flat back, your arms stretched out in front of you grabbing the handles with an overhand grip, keep wrists flat and bend forward on the slide until your knees are bent.

Your shins should be vertical and you should be leaning slightly forward at the hip, don't lean forward too much though and don't bend your knees too tightly. This way you will avoid injury.

The Drive

Push your feet off against the food pads and keep your back firm. You should concentrate on how you hold the handles before you go into the next step.

The Slide

Gently push backwards so that your knees are only slightly bent. Your back should slowly come upright as you move back but you shouldn't lean back as this would put strain on your lower back and chest. Also maintain a position so that you tuck your elbows in as you bring your arms to your chest.

The Recovery

Let your hands move forwards before you while still maintaining the position of holding the bar up by your chest. Take your time with your movements and only when they are over your knees should you begin to move, don't rush a t all - you should on average take about 25 strokes per min.

Most of the power should actually come from the legs and not the arms.

After this you will naturally move back into the catch position and you can start all over again. Make sure you always warm up for at least 10 minutes before using the rower and by following these easy steps it should help you to make the most of your workout on the machine.

Of all the many types of fitness equipment that is available today, the rowing machine is absolutely one of the very best since it will help to strengthen abdominal and your back.

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